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N2MB WOT Box 2-Step / Flat-Shift Module
N2MB WOT Box 2-Step / Flat-Shift Module
Our Price: $199.99

This product has been a LONG time coming for vw's. It enables a secondary rev limiter when the car is stopped, allowing you to launch from an accurately set rpm, as well as build some boost against it. An absolute must for consistant drag racing. These boxes also allow you to do a full throttle shift, when you push in the clutch, they kill the ignition for a split second, allowing the transmission to make a clean shift (no different then any other high rpm shift) while never closing the throttle body. This means your blow off valve / bypass valve NEVER opens, so when you hit the next gear, you have boost instantly. If you are into any sort of drag racing, you simply CANNOT go another day without this module in your car! Features a fully programmable user interface to use on your computer!

Now Available: WOT BOX window swith add-on. This device plugs directly into the wot box, and adds full control of water/methanol injection or nitrous! It is also full programmable, so you can turn it on at any rpm, and at a certain throttle threshold. All of the settings can be adjusted with the wot box software!

Works for most engines!
AEM Digital UEGO Wideband Kit
AEM Digital UEGO Wideband Kit
List Price: $245.00
Our Price: $210.00
Save $35.00!

AEM UEGO wideband o2 sensor kit. One of the MOST useful gauges you can have on your car! Affordable and extremely accurate.

Kit includes sensor, gauge, weld-in bung, wiring and instructions.

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